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A voice of the child report (VCR) is used to ascertain the independent views and preferences of the child(ren) and to provide these views in a formal report to the parties involved with consent of the child.

This report then can help the parents learn about the child’s views, perspectives, wishes, concerns and preferences, for consideration in negotiation, mediation, litigation and other dispute resolution processes. A VCR can be very useful at any point to allow the parents to gain a better understanding of the child’s views and needs, and assist with settlement.

Who can request a VOC

A voice of the child report may be ordered by a judge, encouraged by a family mediator or requested by either of the parents involved. 


The clinician will complete an intake with all of the adult parties to introduce themselves, inquire about the reasons for the referral, describe the process, gather specific background information, answer questions and complete consents.

Arrangements will be made to schedule the in office interview of the child(ren). 

The child(ren) will each attend two (2) interviews with the clinician scheduled on two separate days. Each party is responsible for making arrangements with the clinician for one of these scheduled interviews.

The report will be reviewed with the child prior to being released to all the parties.


A voice of the child report is not binding nor therapeutic. It does not offer a professional opinion as it simply represents the child(ren)'s wishes. Consent from both parents and the child(ren) is required. 

VCRs are not appropriate if the child is under 7 years old, if there are criminal charges that require a child to testify, if there is an active CAS investigations, it there are the possibility of repercussions to the child for participating, and in situations that require a more comprehensive report as provided by a C.L.R.A. s. 30  or C.J.A. s. 112. 

The discretion for completing the VCR report remains with the trained professional and the child.

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