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Our Team

Our team has over 65 years of combined social work experience. The diversity of our background allows us to assist in a variety of topics. We operate from a strength-based perspective and choose therapeutic modalities that best suit your needs.


Carolyn Brown, B.A., AccFM(OAFM) is an accredited member of the Ontario Association of Family Mediators since 2019.

Ms. Brown obtained her degree in Social Sciences from the University of Windsor, and furthered her professional development in Family Mediation, completing courses in Family Law, Screening for Intimate Partner Violence and Power Imbalances, and Advanced Mediation, in addition to completing training for Voice of the Child Reports. Ms. Brown is Level One and Two Certified in Violent Threat Risk Assessment.

She is also trained in Custody and Access Disputes within Child Protection Investigations.

Ms. Brown is committed to equity based practices and believes that learning is a lifelong journey. She has completed courses in in The Effects of Trauma, Re-establishing Connections and Using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in the Indigenous Culture, and Anti-Oppressive Practice and Theory.

She has worked for over 18 years in Child Welfare, has been mediating parenting plans since 2019, and providing Voice of the Child Reports since 2021.

While working in Child Welfare, Ms. Brown developed extensive skills in mediating conflict, assessing risk, and interviewing children with both informal and forensic methods. For much of her career in child welfare, Ms. Brown worked in First Nation communities and participated in traditional methods of conflict resolution such as talking circles and attendance at Gladue Court.

She has worked with many families experiencing conflict, trauma and those who are impacted by substance use and mental illness. Helping families work out their own solutions to their disputes and interviewing children and youth, to allow their voices to be heard is something Ms. Brown is passionate about.


Jodie Gillier, MPEd,​ RSW is registered and in good standing with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. Ms. Gillier obtained a degree in Psychology from the University of Ottawa and chose to further her education at the University of Western Ontario where she obtained a Masters degree in Professional Education.

She has worked for over 25 years in social services and brings to the team knowledge about personal counselling, academic and career pathways, and voice of the child reports. Ms. Gillier has worked in various practice domains including, counselling, addictions, employment, academic, child protection, and emergency response sectors.

Ms. Gillier is familiar with numerous therapeutic approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Strength based approaches, Skill Streaming, Circle of Security, Life Space Intervention, Play Therapy, Narrative and Crisis Intervention. She is experienced in brief and ongoing counselling supports to clients for various needs including, crisis intervention, separation and divorce, addictions, disabilities (including but not limited to ASD), anxiety, depression, grief, self-regulation (i.e. anger control), ADHD and relationship concerns. She offers individual and family counselling to children, adolescents, and adults.

Ms. Gillier has experience navigating community resources and is passionate about advocating for her clients. Ms. Gillier has worked as an instructor and an academic counsellor at the post-secondary level. This has a given her a strong knowledge of post-secondary pathways along with disability supports in the academic sector. Not only is she skilled at assisting future students in determining their academic pathway she is able to educate students in their options to finding the best route to achieve their post-secondary goals.

Further to this Ms. Gillier is also certified in providing Voice of the Child Reports (VCR). This service is beneficial for families who are experiencing separation/divorce and want to ensure the needs and preference of their children are being acknowledged.

Ms. Gillier is also available for consultation and presentations within the community on a variety of topics.


Ken Hyra, BSW, RSW is registered and in good standing with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. Mr. Hyra obtained his Honors Bachelor of Social Work degree from the University of Windsor in the year 2000.

For the last 23 years Mr. Hyra has had the privilege to work with a diversified clientele in various areas such as mental health challenges, addictions, various forms of trauma, counseling, employment program development, child protection, poverty, home​lessness, and mediation.

Mr. Hyra is familiar with and utilizes various therapeutic modalities such as Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Positive Psychology, Coaching, Horticultural Therapy (HTRp), Nature Based Therapy, Motivational Interviewing (MI), Internal Family Systems (IFS), Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Mr. Hyra has lived experience in crisis intervention, marriage counseling, separation, divorce, mediation, step-parenting, addictions, neurodiversity, anxiety, depression, grief, self-regulation (anger control), relationship concerns, and a parental point of view of LGBTQ2S. Before getting his degree Mr. Hyra held different jobs ranging from a financial advisor to a bus driver and everything in between. He has been through marriage, separation, divorce, re-marriage, and step-parenting. All of which has provided him with life experience and an understanding of people.

He practice from a person-centered, holistic approach, which involves meeting everyone where they are and crafting a client-supported intervention based on the best available evidence-based theories to achieve your best outcome. Mr. Hyra does not use cookie-cutter methods because he believes we are all different and have different lived experiences; however, the main concept of our lives is the same: Birth, Life Events, and Death.

You will find Mr. Hyra to be down to earth. Life is not perfect. There are ups and downs; however, with Mr. Hyra ‘s knowledge and experience he can assist you in developing the tools to help you move forward.


We have two locations, one located within the city of Chatham and the other in the outskirts of the municipality.  You can choose your location depending on what is convenient for you. 


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