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Mediated Parenting Plans

Family Mediation empowers parents as they work towards ending their conflict, allowing them

to maintain control and ownership of the process. It emphasizes the importance of

cooperation and fairness, especially when it comes to the well-being of children.

Family mediators encourage communication among parents to explore their respective needs

and interests in order to establish a shared parenting agreement.

It is an opportunity for a new beginning without the tension, frustration and cost which are so

common to divorce court and litigation in general.

A mediated parenting plan is an agreement made by parents, that outlines how they will parent

their children following their separation or divorce.


Shorter and simpler than the court process

Confidential and private process

More cost effective than the court process

Children are always the priority

Potential for parents to relate and communicate better in the future

Empowers parents to directly communicate and determine the outcomes for their


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